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Precision Engineers

CNC Machining

CNC machining involves pre-programmed computer software that automatically guides the machine cuts to pre calculated specifications. The machines are often compared to a robot. CAE’s specialist equipment allows us to create anything from bespoke single or small batch complex components to mass production. CNC stands for for Computer Numerical Controlled and it is a common […]
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Gen Engineering

The CAE team have a wealth of engineering experience and are renowned for being able to find solutions for difficult challenges. If you have an issue that you cannot solve or a new project that you are working on and require some help then get in touch. We work with organisations of all sizes from […]
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Plastic Machining

Plastic is a material which is very flexible in its ability to be machined into a finished component. Using the same technique and machining as metals plastic is suitable for both CNC machining as well as manual. The same benefits of CNC machining in terms of accuracy and batch production apply. There is also many […]
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